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Never Thought a Dedicated Cat Owner I Bumped Into is a Birmingham SEO Expert

Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

Birmingham SEO Expert Has 7 Cats At Home

The other day as I walked my dog, usually around the morning at 6:30 a.m. I encountered a rather interesting man who carried a kitty while jogging. It is very common for someone to run or jog with his dog but never with a cat. It was a rare sight indeed but I sensed the attachment of this man has for his cat, so what I did was jogged with this man to know him since as you all know, I love, LOVE and LOVE people who loves pets.

During that, I introduced that I am a blogger about pets, and then it actually caught his attention, as if it was a really big deal. Then he replied with a smile and he told me his name and he was very delighted that if I could, I would tell something about his very beloved cats in my blog. By the way this jolly man’s name is John and the cat he carried while he had his morning run is Fluff.

I could see the bond between these 2 beautiful souls, as we talked more and more he happens to be an SEO expert in Birmingham, that explains as to why he was also interested to talk to me when I mention that I do blogs and not only by the same passion we have for animals. He then also tried to offer his service.

The Birmingham SEO expert was once a part of this business which he finds difficulty to work with his colleagues, and made him quite upset and quit, so he had to transfer to a new one. The previous one:

100 Grandview Place
Suite 120
Birmingham, AL 35243


During the time of his transition he felt useless and lonely.  I understand he was kinda down or depressed during that time, and I believed I would have felt the same. He said the thing that really kept him going was his cats, 7 of them. All names memorized by heart although I can’t recall and am unable to tell you all their names, at least I do remember the one he carried around, Fluff. He said that the kitties were always there for him,  he found comfort and will to continue searching for a new job.

Never Thought a Dedicated Cat Owner I Bumped Into is a Birmingham SEO Expert

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I wondered and asked him as to how many times does he run in a week and does he usually runs with a cat? He giggled and said that he runs every single day that is why he has 7, so every cat has their turn in a week. It was really cute hearing him say that, and his reason in doing so is just really simple, because he just loves his cat.

It was a great inspirational story and can prove that anyone can really come back up with just the simple support and love from animals, motivating me more to find and seek beautiful pet lovers out there who have a tale to share.

My Dog Absolutely Loves this Plumber in Anniston Alabama

Posted by on Aug 10, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

An Anniston Plumber With A Heart

While visiting some family recently in Anniston, AL, I met a friend of theirs named Charlie McMichael. Charlie is a plumber and owns a company called C Mac Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service that’s located in Anniston. He also has a plumbing company in Oxford as well. He has been in business for over 20 years and has known my family for almost that long. He is almost like family. During his time as a plumber in Anniston, he has come across many interesting plumbing jobs and we sat and listened to his stories of 3 story buildings being flooded, restaurants who’s toilets overflowed and flooded the entire place, and even an animal shelter that had a sewer leak that almost killed one of the animals. Obviously this last story got my attention and I inquired about it.

The story goes that the owner of the animal shelter in Anniston first called a plumbing company called:

Ted’s Plumbing

500 Noble St, Anniston, AL 36201


Because he said there was an awful odor in the bathrooms of the animal shelter. Ted’s plumbing came out and checked everything and said there was no problem with their sewer system. The owner took Ted’s advice and assumed the smell would go away. It didn’t.

He then called Mr. Dan’s Plumbing, 256-835-6244,

They arrived and checked even more things than Ted did but said the same thing, that there was absolutely nothing wrong with their system.  The owner was not a plumber, but he said he knew something was wrong with their system. He said he had installed a toilet simply by reading this excellent plumbing article.

He talked to my mom and she recommended to call Charlie. He immediately went to the animal shelter that day because of the potential for danger with a sewer leak. Upon arriving, he said he noticed the smell. With all of the experience he has had, he said he knew that that could be a potential disaster if there was a flame close to the leak and that there were pets that could be exposed to the toxic fumes coming from the sewer. Being that he is also a pet lover, he immediately went to the indoor kennels and made a quick sweep to check if any of the pets were close to a toilet or any other possible vent. He found a dog that was unconscious! Apparently there was an uncapped line and the fumes had been enough that it had almost killed the dog. He took the dog out, capped the line and told everyone to evacuate the building. There was an open flame in the kitchen which he immediately extinguished. He said this could have been a disaster.

After making sure there were no other leaks and allowing everyone to re-enter the building, he asked if he could keep the dog he saved. He named the puppy Mendy. Now Mendy and Carson (my dog) have become great friends! Carson and Charlie hit it off immediately as well.

What To Do With A Diabetic Cat

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

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In the event that your cat has recently been determined to have diabetes, you may be anxious about what’s on the horizon for your esteemed creature. The uplifting news is that cats can live long, solid lives in the wake of being determined to have diabetes. The procedure is that you, as the pet owner, must be devoted to deal with your cat all through his/her sickness. Diabetes is not a capital punishment for pets. Right here is a few subtle elements to help you comprehend what you have to do to help your diabetic cat.

Standard Treatment: After your cat has been determined to have diabetes, it is vital that you see your veterinarian all the time. Your cat will unquestionably require routine arrangements to check the glucose levels and to verify that she or he is getting the appropriate measure of insulin. At the point when your cat goes in for an examination, the vet will ask that you don’t nourish your cat twelve hours prior to the checkup. While your cat is at the examination, your veterinarian will draw blood and check glucose levels. People that have diabetes have the capacity to look at their glucose at home. In any case, this is unrealistic with cats unless you buy a glucose checking framework.

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Getting your Cat Insulin: When your cat has diabetes, it is your obligation to make sure that your cat gets the suitable measurements of insulin twice every day. The amount of insulin that your cat will need will vary as indicated by your cat’s individual condition. The larger part of felines will get somewhere around three and five units of insulin to times each day. It is imperative that you set up a routine for your cat. Your cat needs to get insulin 12 hours separated. For it to be easier, just give them the insulin at the same time in the morning and in the evening, everyday.

It is easy to figure out how to give your cat insulin infusions. Your vet will walk you through the procedure, and after that you can copy this in your home. Normally your vet will positively exhort that you offer your cat infusions between the shoulder bones in the scruff of the neck. With diligence and practice, your cat will scarcely feel the infusions. In truth, a ton of diabetic cats know when the time has come to acquire their infusion and they might really remind you by whimpering.

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Proper Diet: Even cats, and other pets for that matter, have to follow a good diet in order to stay healthy. Hence, if you are someone who follows a diet, like for instance, this Paleo Compass – Caveman diet food list, then you should probably check out the essence of this diet for you, and apply it for your cat. You have to make sure you keep them as healthy as you keep yourself healthy. This will show how much of a dedicated pet owner you are. So, the next time you write down your shopping list for paleo diet, do not forget to write down your cat’s healthy diet options, too.

Tolerance and Love: Above all, when you have a diabetic cat, you require a lot of persistence and a considerable measure of adoration. It is not generally simple to deal with debilitated and feeble cat. Be that as it may, with the right care, you can anticipate that your diabetic cat will have a great deal more years of glad life.


Pet Grooming: A Responsibility

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

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The intricate care needed for preserving  the health and value of pets needs to be understood by any pet owner. While many pets acquired today are purebred, a lot of people are also following a newer custom by picking mixed-bred animals, instead.

However, no matter if the pet you get is purebred or mixed, the responsibilities you have as a pet owner are equal, no matter what bred or pet you have. Some people think that the duties for pet ownership are restricted to vet care, food, toys and devices, but the household who is gifted with a young puppy or kitty must also consider the requirements of pet grooming in the list of things to do for the newest member of the family.

Some people think that in order to lessen pet-grooming obligations, they should just get a pet that is less-furry. Obviously, this is a wrong notion. Even when your pet has shorter hair or has no hair at all, they will still need regular grooming so that their skin and their coat remains healthy. On the other hand, if you have a long-furred pet, not only are you responsible for grooming it, but also for making sure that you clean up after them, especially since their hairs could easily fall off all over the house.

In addition, indoor pets are subjected to the very same ecological impacts as humans are.

For instance, heaters and artificial cooling systems dehydrate the human skin triggering it to flake and slough off. This is the reason why some people avail of a radiant floor heating system from a trusted service company. Alas, this kind of flooring system helps not just humans who wishes to escape flaking skin due to artificial cooling or heating, but it also helps pets, like dogs and cats, maintain a healthy body temperature, because they too, experience dandruff-like flaking when overly exposed to the traditional yet unnatural heating or cooling systems brought by air-conditioners and heaters. This kind of flooring does the warming of a household without the need for air circulation, which is the main reason for acquiring dried skin.

This example just shows how crucial pet grooming can be. It can be as crucial as human care. That is why genuine pet lovers consider their pets as their children, because the care they need are almost the same as that of a child.

Appropriate pet grooming does not end with the animal’s skin and coat, as other needs will require routine interest as well. There is the need for training, especially for cats to learn how to use a scratching posts and for dogs to use the litter. Again, the responsibilities are seemingly endless, like how a parent should be to his or her child.

Regardless of the preliminary cost in acquiring a household pet, the family has to be aware and understand the obligations that they have now decided to carry out. The animal’s health should be maintained and this will need the procurement of a good doctor. In addition, though, the household needs to comprehend the commitments for routine pet grooming to guarantee a long and delighted life for their pets. After all, pets do give life to the household, especially when all the real children are grown and having families of their own, your pet will stay with you and keep you company to the end.

Possibility of Pet-Owner Treatment

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

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There are plenty of  online pet materials and there are also magazines that can be your source for all things you need in order to keep Fido or Fluffy delighted and healthy. We go as far as buying over-the-top designer canine accessories, much more expensive than exactly what we purchase for ourselves. However, sometimes, we do not pay adequate focus on animal medication.

Whether your animal is associated with a pet treatment program, or is simply a beloved member of your household, there are crucial things for you to bear in mind about your pets. First on that list is the fact that your pet is your responsibility.

Naturally, you ought to always have your pet examined by a credible veterinarian and follow his (or her) suggestions. Learn from your vet what your pet needs and purchase your animal meds online. It’s fast, simple and you’ll save cash.

Here are pretty basic things that you should remember for your pet’s sake.

An easy suggestion to feline owners: milk and other dairy products are bad for your adorable cats. They can cause serious problems to the digestive system.

Also, remember not to let your pet get overheated. It is simply as harmful for your four legged good friends as it is for you. Heat stroke isn’t reserved for human beings only.

Try to find unique online animal items for some wonderful ideas to keep you and your animal comfortable during the hot days of summertime. You’ll be able to discover the best pet provider that will be comfortable for your dog or feline and simple for you to transfer. Look into all the discount pet products that are available online.

It has been aspired by vets, scientist focused on medicine, animal behaviorists, and by basically every scientifically-able dog lover, that someday, they will be able to gain some new discoveries on pets to become the source of treatment for some patients. They hope to make an advancement in the so called “alternative treatment” tag.

This basically  means enhancing a way to communicate with pets, and provide pet therapy for for patients undergoing serious illnesses. They wish to validate the importance of animal-assisted treatments so that the questions regarding that possibility will be answered.

They hope that someday, a cat purr could help alleviate the pain of a cancer patient, or that a dog’s back scratch could help wake his owner from a coma.

It is great to realize that there are people who put so much faith in pets. As pet owners and pet lovers, we should not be skeptical about this. We are living evidences of how our moods change when we see our pets. We know how relaxing it is to just cuddle them after a long day at work. There are so many things that are made possible by technology now, why not put faith in the fact that this could be a great possibility?


Building the Perfect Dog House

Posted by on Jun 6, 2015 in Blog | 0 comments

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I am a confessed dog lover. I recently bought this dog after my previous pet of 10 years finally rested in peace. I was really devastated over the loss of my previous dog. You really grow and love them like they are part of the family, and my old pal, Champ, was no exception to that. He was very intelligent and he was very caring for me. It took months before I decided to move on and have another dog.

This time, I had a Chinese crested dog because I got to liking how they look like a poodle and a Chihuahua in one. Champ was a Chihuahua and I wanted to have another dog similar to him but not entirely like him, because I do not think anybody could ever replace Champ for me.

Some people think that owning a dog is a waste of money. Of course, dogs have needs to and answering to needs require money. There is the regular visits to the vet, dog food, grooming materials, and many more. But dogs are family to real and genuine pet lovers, and there is no necessity for dogs that dog lovers will not answer to, no matter the cost.

Some dog owners allow their dogs to sleep inside the house. This gives a level of connection with the dog that makes it truly feel that it belongs to the family. I let my dogs in the house, but I also want them to have their own space outside, if ever they chose to.

Other owners buy a dog house. They choose from wooden doghouses to extremely lavish houses that even have porches and stairs, to make their kennel feel like they are living in a luxury home, especially because they are staying outside, and not with the family inside the house. Clearly, the cost increases proportionately to the quality of the doghouse. Nevertheless, there is an alternative choice.

Build your dog his doghouse, and spend less while making sure it is created just the way you want it.

I already had a dog house for Champ, but I also did not want my new dog, which I named Tommy, to live in the same dog house that Champ had. So, I set out to build a new one for Tommy.

Now, Tommy’s dog house is as good as sturdy as Champ’s was. And I wish Tommy to live as long as Champ did, and I hope to make the same bonding as I had with my old pal. Dogs are after all very easy to get along with, especially if you just show them that they are cared for and treated very well.

Since Tommy is a Chinese crested dog, I am sure that he will also be as charming and as lovely as Champ was. Chinese crested dogs are known to be playful dogs, making them great companions for people that live alone. This is just what I wanted to take me off the memory of Champ, and I may forget the pain of losing a very dear pet, but I will forever treasure and love dogs because of my old pal, Champ.